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Commercial Concrete PumpingAre you looking for commercial concrete pumping in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Fairfax and the surrounding areas?

Pump trucks are an easy way to transfer and distribute large amounts of concrete with ease and precision. Using the right tools and equipment, our trucks can accommodate hard-to-reach project sites.

Keep reading to learn more about how concrete pumping works and how it can get your project done quickly and easily!

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How Concrete Pumping Works

Concrete pumps are designed to distribute large amounts of concrete easily and quickly in difficult to reach places. How? With the use of a long, moveable pump attached to a concrete truck!

There are two types of pumps depending upon the specific needs of your project.

  • Boom Pumps- These are typically attached to the concrete truck with a long remote control arm. The concrete is dispersed through the robotic arm, allowing you to control the precise location of application. Similar to a crane, boom pumps are on trucks that can rise to meet challenging spaces.
  • Line Pumps- Usually mounted to a truck, line pumps use long hoses to distribute concrete. Pumping at a lower volume than boom pumps, this style is best for larger slabs of concrete close to the ground.

Using either the arm or hose attached to the concrete truck, you can control the release of concrete during application. The truck makes it easy to transport large amounts of concrete to the site, and the arm or hose leads to accurate and precise pumping.

This is a great option for companies looking to install concrete walkways, rooftops or patios. With quick installation time, the project can be finished in no time!

Benefits of Using a Pump Truck

While there are multiple ways to apply concrete, pump trucks take a significant amount of time and labor out of the equation. Saving resources and applying concrete is simplified by just using a concrete truck!

If you are working with a difficult space such as a heavily wooded area or building rooftop, getting concrete to the intended area can be difficult and daunting. Eliminate the need to make multiple material trips by using a pump truck!

Additionally, safety is a huge concern when working with concrete. The risk escalates when working in these difficult areas, making it a challenge to complete the job efficiently without proper equipment. A truck lessens the amount of direct hands-on labor involved.

On that note, labor costs and time are significantly decreased for this same reason. Eliminate all hands and hours needed to transport materials, oversee and actually apply the concrete.

If decreasing cost, increasing safety and shortening work time isn’t enough benefit, simply remember that concrete pumping is designed to make your job easier! Take advantage of this equipment and technology when applicable!

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