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Are you a business owner with a building in need of concrete column repair in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia?

Since 1981, Concrete Restoration Services has been providing the Mid Atlantic region with superior service paired with affordable solutions. We specialize in solving structural problems for industrial, institutional, commercial, municipal, and religious structures.

Keep reading to learn about the structure of concrete columns, how to tell when these columns are in need of repair, and how experienced commercial concrete contractors can quickly assess damage and implement repairs before any accidents occur.

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Causes of Concrete Deterioration

Concrete columns are responsible for supporting most of a building’s weight and maintaining its overall structural integrity.

However, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to their deterioration. Some factors that may lead to a need for concrete column repair include:

  • Weathering: Prolonged exposure to sun, rain, snow, thermal cycling and other weather conditions greatly contributes to the deterioration of concrete over time.
  • Workmanship: Columns built by experienced contractors using the highest quality materials available will outlast those built by other, less qualified contractors.
  • Structural Defects: Original structural defects, if not quickly caught and repaired, can lead to the eventual deterioration of concrete columns.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Regular inspections and repairs will help ensure that columns do not deteriorate at an advanced rate.

If you are concerned about concrete column repair for your building, you can hire a professional concrete contractor to test for signs of deterioration on your property.

Most of these tests involve using sound waves and can help the contractor better determine the extent of any damage that might be present.

Signs of Concrete Column Distress

As noted above, extensive concrete column repair can often be avoided by proper maintenance practices. Perform annual inspections of your property to ensure its columns do not show any of the following signs of advanced deterioration:

  • Structural Cracks: Caused by excess weight placed upon columns or shortfalls in the original design
  • Spalling: Pieces of concrete chipping or breaking away from the original column
  • Deflection: Bending or sagging of concrete columns
  • Erosion: Caused by over exposure to sun, rain, snow, and other extreme weather conditions
  • Corrosion: Appears as rust stains on the column’s surface

If your building’s columns begin to show any signs of deterioration, an experienced concrete column restoration contractor should be called in immediately to assess the damage.

The Repair Process

The process for repairing deteriorating concrete columns can vary greatly depending upon the extent of the damage.

Small cracks in the column may be repaired with a simple concrete epoxy injection, while more extensive damage may be too serious for concrete repair epoxy and could require a re-pour of the entire column.

The following steps represent a general overview of the repair process:

  • Determining the cause of the deterioration: In order to figure out the best repair strategy, the cause of deterioration must be determined.
  • Selecting the appropriate repair material: Select the repair material that provides the most durable and long lasting repair possible, even if this means constructing an entirely new column.
  • Ensure repair seamlessly blends into structure: An experienced contractor will be able to complete the repair so the average onlooker will not be able to see a problem ever existed.

Reasons to Hire a Professional

Concrete column repair is not a project that should be undertaken by the average layman. Taking on this task as it do-it-yourself project is just an accident waiting to happen.

Instead, hire a reputable commercial concrete contractor who will be able to accurately assess what needs to be done and have the job completed in an efficient and timely manner.

You may want to check with other business associates to see if they recently completed a concrete restoration project on their property.

Also consider doing a little online research to find the names of some trustworthy concrete contractors in your surrounding area.

Once you’ve compiled a list of contractors in your area, use this handy checklist to help you determine which one is going to be best suited for the job:

  • Check References: Be sure to check references from 7-10 years ago as well those from 1-2 years ago to better assess how the contractor’s work will hold up over time.
  • Schedule Interviews: Sitting down for interviews with prospective contractors will better allow you to judge the level of professionalism they bring to their work. The best contractors are those who can provide clear, understandable answers to any questions you might have about concrete column repair.
  • Get Estimates: Tell your prospective contractors exactly what it is you’re looking for in terms of your concrete column repair project. Make sure your estimate includes all information vital to the project’s completion, including start and end dates, materials costs, insurance costs, and payment schedule.

Once you have your estimates in hand, you can decide which contractor you feel is best qualified to handle your project.

But be weary of choosing the lowest estimate you receive, as low estimates could be the result of a contractor using inexpensive materials that will not hold up over time.

Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. Does the Job Right!

Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. has been serving businesses like yours in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia area since 1981.

No matter what commercial concrete repairs you need, Concrete Restoration Services can handle the job.

We will analyze, repair, clean, and maintain your concrete columns while giving you peace of mind that you are dealing with an expert in the field of building restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance.

In addition, since we have been in this business for so long, not only is the quality of our work superior, but our cost-structure is significantly lower than that of many of our competitors, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what one of our customers has to say about us:

“Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. recently completed repairs on several concrete columns throughout my office building, and I cannot even begin to express what a pleasure it was to work with them. The contractors were friendly and knowledgeable and kept me engaged in the repair process the entire time. If I ever need more work done on the structure of my building, I will not hesitate to call them again. In fact, I’ve been recommending them to friends and co-workers ever since they completed the job! THANK YOU CONCRETE RESTORATION!”

-William Dickerson, Fairfax, VA

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