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Concrete Epoxy Coating MarylandWouldn’t you like to improve the appearance and performance of your commercial services with a concrete epoxy coating in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Columbia or the neighboring areas?

Epoxy coatings are designed to increase the resilience of your commercial concrete surfaces, especially in areas with high damage risks like parking garage floors. Reduce your repair needs and achieve an attractive appearance with our clear, epoxy sealers.

Keep reading to learn how epoxy coatings protect your commercial concrete exteriors and decrease you’re overall maintenance costs.

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How Does Epoxy Protect Concrete?

Industrial epoxy coatings are strategically designed to provide optimal protection for concrete services. Ideal treatment areas are exposed to the outdoors and weather elements, including parking garage floors, concrete driveways, commercial sidewalks and outdoor patios.

When our expert contractors apply the clear epoxy sealer, we are essentially locking in and preserving the look, feel and performance of the concrete. Since water is the leading cause of concrete deterioration and damage, it is vital to apply concrete paint or floor finishes for to prevent cracking, rust and more serious harm caused by moisture.

Concrete epoxy coatings offer protection for concrete steps, floors, driveways and garage floors; all commercial spaces that receive frequent foot traffic and weather exposure. Rest assured your protective sealers provide:

  • Resistance to Chemicals & Cleaners
  • Resistance to Automotive Fluids
  • Increased Light Reflectivity
  • Protection from Freezing, Expanding & Cracking
  • Prevention for Tire Spinning
  • Safe, Non-Slip Surfaces
  • Easy, Wipe-Clean Surfaces
  • Resilience to Water & Oil Stains

Commercial and industrial businesses opt for epoxy because it’s thickness can be customized between 2-80 millimeters. If you are seeking a concrete protection that is UV resistant, ask our team about urethane concrete coating.

Why Choose Concrete Restoration Services Inc.?

What is comes to protecting and restoring concrete in Maryland, look no further than Concrete Restoration Services Inc. Concrete services are our undoubtedly specialty, making us experts with over 30 years of experience under our belt.

When it comes to concrete damage and deterioration, we’ve seen almost everything. Our craft allows us to assess, repair and maintain concrete surfaces with specialized and well-developed skills. We analyze the needs of your business and deliver optimal solutions.

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