Concrete Floor Resurfacing in
Maryland, DC, Virginia, Washington Metro Area

Are you looking for concrete floor resurfacing in Maryland, DC, Virginia and other local areas such as Annapolis, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Columbia, Alexandria?

Are you looking to improve a drab old concrete floor that has cracks, discoloration and/or surface imperfections?

The typical response would be to remove and replace the old concrete in order to achieve the goal of a new and improved looked. But that can be time consuming and not very cost effective.

Keep reading to find a better solution.

If you’d like to speak with an expert concrete floor resurfacing contractor who can answer all of your questions, call (301) 261-4933 or click here to contact us online.

Is There A Better Solution?

Instead of completely replacing the concrete, consider hiring a concrete resurfacing contractor.

The MD/DC/VA area offer a host of concrete repair contractors to choose from and if you’ve ever spent time interviewing some of them, you know that they can vary pretty dramatically.

Everything from price to service levels to expertise to timeliness of service can be dramatically different between concrete repair companies.

If you don’t have a company that you use regularly, how are you to go about finding and hiring the best one?

Things To Look For In A Concrete Resurfacing Contractor

  • Positive References – always ask for references and actually check them to ensure quality work
  • Previous Work – look for work that is over 5 years old, that way you can see how their resurfacing ages
  • Safety Considerations – be sure that the contractor has all licensing, bonding, and insurance required by state, local, and federal authorities
  • Project Timeliness – check into their timeliness of completing past projects (professional contractors always completes projects on time )
  • Get The Estimate – make sure they are giving you a fair and reasonable price

Where To Find The Ideal Contractor

Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. has been offering concrete floor resurfacing, repair, restoration, and general maintenance in the Maryland DC, or Virginia areas (including Annapolis, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Columbia, and Alexandria) for over 28 years!

They promise quality work and craftsmanship, along with the reassurance of complying with construction codes and regulations, and safety requirements.

“I called Restoration Services, Inc. to come out and resurface our concrete. Not only was the price fair, but our floor looks brand new. I could not have asked for a more professional service”

-Marty Rosenfeld Silver Spring, MD

For an estimate or just to ask questions about concrete resurfacing, call Concrete Restoration at 301- 261-4933 or use this form.

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