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Concrete Outdoor FoutainAre you interested in installing a concrete outdoor fountain in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Rockville or the surrounding areas?

When you own a business with frequent visitors, it is important to create a hospitable atmosphere. Along with gardens and trees, outdoor water fountains show guests that you care about the image of your company, office or shopping center.

Keep reading to learn more about installing or repairing a commercial concrete fountain outside of your building to give visitors a lasting impression.

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Stand Out from the Crowd

Installing a concrete fountain is a quick and easy way to bring visual beauty to your commercial business. Concrete installation leaves you with a completely dry surface in about two days, and the fountain itself takes very little maintenance. Outdoor fountains are perfect for businesses in need of aesthetic attraction.

Especially in shopping centers where families may be interested in visiting different stores, focal points like fountains provide an open place to meet up. Accompanied with seating and trees, you create a relaxing space for visitors to enjoy the scenery of the establishment.

Fairly simple to plan and create, fountains work by using a water pump and pipes under the concrete surface. Recycling the water through drainpipes, you can easily complete the project without delay.

Caring for Concrete Fountains

We recommend having a concrete inspection at least annually, allowing contractors to identify and repair small cracks before they become disruptive, resurfacing concerns. To protect the concrete from water damage, ensure to have a concrete sealant applied for waterproofing.

If you already have an outdoor fountain but are in need of repair, give us a call! From chips on the surface to cracks through the concrete, we can restore your fountain to a beautiful accent.

Customize Your Water Fountain

Decorative concrete is an easy way to make customers and visitors feel appreciated. When you take the extra time and energy to make the environment inviting, guests are more at ease and less eager to rush home.

Our commercial concrete staining and polishing services allow you to create a truly unique design. Modern staining techniques allow us to emulate natural stone, brick, tile and even wood. Customize your fountain depending upon the overall theme and style of the property!

Interested in making things more distinctive? Consider staining the fountain to match company colors. You can even have the pump set to patterns, creating choreographed musical displays. This is great during the holidays when businesses experience higher traffic!

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Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. specializes in commercial concrete installation and repair. We understand the importance of making sure your business is presentable and well maintained for employees, visitors and guests.

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