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Concrete Patio RepairAre you in need of commercial concrete patio repair in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Silver Spring, Rockville or the surrounding areas?

While concrete is a strong, impact resistant material, occasionally cracks and chips occur in the surface. Causes of damage range from temperature change to tree roots breaking the surface.

No matter the cause of your patio damage, our replacement and patio resurfacing services will have your business looking flawless!

Keep reading to learn more about our patio repair services and how we can restore your outdoor areas to their former beauty.

If you’re ready to speak with our repair team and get a free estimate on concrete service costs, give us a call today at (301) 261-4933 or click below to contact us online.

Repairing Your Existing Concrete

Concrete patios are the perfect place for employees and visitors to take a break and get fresh air during the day. From lunch breaks to phone calls, an outdoor terrace welcomes individuals to relax in the outdoors.

When facing concrete damage, the biggest concern is that small cracks are usually indicators of significantly larger problems. That tiny fracture could be a sign of issues like:

  • Underground foliage or tree root growth
  • Pressure from underneath the concrete
  • Poor water drainage
  • Shifting of property foundation

Foliage and tree root problems are likely culprits of commercial patio damage as outdoor areas and decks are often located near live and growing plants.

If you are experiencing minor cracks and chips in the concrete, it is important to give us a call so we can catch them quickly. Small damages can be easily repaired with a patch.

In the case your patio is suffering from more serious damage, our team will completely resurface. This is a more intensive treatment, but restores your business property with a faultless patio.

Give Your Patio a Fresh Face

Medical centers, schools, coffee shops and even small offices leave an impression on visitors from their first step on the property. Why not welcome them in the most positive way possible?

While having your concrete patio repaired, consider transforming the area into a space the represents your company culture. Ask us about incorporating any of these features during your patio repair:

It is important to keep these areas well kept and presentable. In fact, this might be the first area visitors and potential customers or clients see before entering your business. Don’t wait any longer to create a unique terrace with decorative concrete.

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If you’re ready to speak with our repair team, give us a call today at (301) 261-4933 or click here to fill out our online request form.

Concrete Restoration specializes in commercial concrete services. From installation of new floors to repairing existing sidewalks and patios, we are experienced with restoring flawless surfaces. If you’re ready to make your patio a welcoming area of the business, give us a call today!

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