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Are you looking to spruce up a concrete slab with a concrete polishing service in Maryland, DC, Virginia, or the surrounding area? Add a bright and inviting concrete polish to your commercial, industrial, or institutional location.

Until recently, concrete was not viewed as having much aesthetic value. Today, your bland, gray concrete slab is not only there for its strength and practicality; it can easily become a clean, reflective surface that adds class to the room. Read on to learn more about how concrete polishing service can help you.

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Concrete Dusting and Erosion

Concrete dusting and erosion often results in high traffic areas. You are much more likely to see dusting when contractors fail to add some sort of sealer or polish to the surface of the slab. When water can bleed back into the surface, dusting occurs.

Efflorescence is a type of concrete deterioration caused by poisons such as chlorides. More often than not, it occurs with steel reinforced or colored concrete. This process dissolves the cement, potentially causing discoloration and structural damage.

Preparation Steps for Concrete Polish

All concrete polishing or staining techniques require a few steps of preparation to ensure the polish acts as effectively as possible. To start, you will often see concrete polishing contractors grinding or shot blasting the concrete to level out the surface.

This technique also creates a more porous concrete surface. The pores in the concrete allow the polish to seep in and protect to concrete from water. This increases its durability by preventing cracks and dusting.

Benefits of Concrete Polish

Polished concrete is a great flooring option because of its costs effective benefits. In many cases, it makes good use of already existing flooring and can drastically change the look of commercial, industrial, or institutional structures.

Polished concrete are also very low-maintenance. They are less susceptible to erosion and much easier to clean than other flooring options. Typically, a good mopping once a week is enough to give your floor a long life expectancy.

Some other benefits may include reduced lighting needs due to the highly reflective surface or even less dust mite and allergen problems.

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