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Looking for reliable concrete removal in Maryland, DC, Virginia or Baltimore?

When you are planning for a major concrete repair project, knowing what to expect during the concrete removal services phase is crucial. Businesses in DC, Virginia, Baltimore, and Maryland need to know what concrete removal is going to cost them in order to align their budgets.

Continue reading this page and you will find everything you need to know about what to expect during the concrete removal phase of a concrete project.

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What Are The Rules?

During the course of site modifications, it is sometimes necessary to demolish existing concrete structures, foundations, or floor slaps.

This requires a determination of how to handle the concrete removal and disposal process.

Containment rules always apply to debris removal.

No matter where you are located, recycling laws regulate the disposal of PCB contaminated soil.

Whenever diesel fuel oil and gasoline are involved in storage, soil contamination can occur.

Professional concrete contractors know that accidents must be prevented.

Proper disposal of PCB containing substances is critical to environmental protection.

In many circumstances, an existing hole in the ground can be a convenient means of concrete removal.

New constructions often re-use crushed concrete and masonry brick for site backfill. Providing that no PCB contamination is detected, this is a cost efficient method of concrete removal and disposal.

Is There Anything Else?

Yes. As a commercial property manager in Maryland, you should be aware of several basic rules pertaining to the Maryland Department of the Environment.

You will also want to make certain to choose a concrete repair company that understands and abides by these environmental protection rules.

The least expensive means of concrete removal and disposal will always be based upon using it as onsite backfill.

But even when PCB is not involved, site backfill may not be a suitable solution to the disposal issue.

What Goes Into The Cost?

Expect the cost of concrete removal Maryland to reflect the method of work performed and the nature of the debris disposal requirements.

When pricing, be certain to cover the following items:

  • Understand the environmental factors.
  • Know the local landfill and hauling fees.
  • Consider the material’s salvage value.
  • Determine the necessity of heavy equipment. Smaller machines use less fuel but may take longer for the task.
  • Examine machine accessibility to the site.
  • Allow for any concrete sawing, hand chipping, and other customized components of the job.
  • Hire a contractor that knows concrete removal

Who Should I Go To?

Concrete removal might seem a little difficult, but the team at Concrete Restoration Services Inc, have been doing it for over 20 years – they get it done right.

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“Recently my parking garage had started receiving some negative comments.

I was afraid it would start impacting my business so I broke down and called Concrete Restoration.

They did a great job removing all of the concrete and building it up again!

They filled and sealed all the cracks in the walls and foundation and added a fresh coat of waterproofing. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Thanks Concrete Restorations!”

John Bristow


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