Concrete Resurfacing Maryland, DC, VA

When you’re looking for professional concrete resurfacing Maryland, DC, and Virginia offer plenty of viable contractors that can get the job done. But if you don’t know which one to choose, they can all look pretty much the same.

Keep reading  to learn how to separate the good commercial concrete resurfacing contractors from the best.

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3 Ways To Separate Good From Great

Ask around. Good companies have satisfied customers. Before hiring a company in Maryland, DC, or Virginia to help you with your next concrete resurfacing project, why not do a little research? Ask the company for contact information of people that have been satisfied with their work. Then actually follow through and call the people, asking them important questions.

Check the portfolio. This may sound obvious, but there are actually a lot of companies that will hire concrete resurfacing contractors without even looking at the work that they’ve done. The fact of the matter is that although many concrete repair companies seem the same, they each have their own specialties and areas of expertise. You will want to choose your contractor depending on what type of resurfacing project it is.

What’s the history? The last thing you need is to hire a fly-by-night contractor to help repair the structure of an important investment of yours. Clearly, if you’re online researching this, it is an important decision for you. When you’re interviewing potential contractors, ask them about the history of their company, when they started, and what their plans are. You want to be sure that they’ll be around to stand behind any concrete work you may engage them to do for you.

Professional Concrete Resurfacing in MD/DC/VA

When you’re ready to start interviewing companies, we encourage you to check out Concrete Restoration Services, Inc.

Having been around since 1981, we have dozens and dozens of satisfied clients we’d be glad to let you contact. Not just clients that have used us once or twice, but clients that have used our concrete resurfacing expertise many times and continue using us for all of their commercial concrete needs.

Our extensive portfolio ranges from large, multi-million dollar industrial project to smaller more modest projects. We are experts in all commercial and industrial concrete resurfacing applications ranging from a small concrete staircase all the way up to an entire parking garage or even a stadium.

Having been family owned and operated in this area for over 25 years, you can be confident that we’ll be here for a while. Even in today’s uncertain economic environment, we’re proud to say that Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. is confident and structurally sound (no pun intended)

“I’ve been using Jim Parkin and his team at Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. since the late-1980s for anything and everything related to our concrete repair. Whether we need quick bids for a large project, or simply have a question or concern, Concrete Restoration Services has always been there for us. I would confidently and whole-heartedly recommend them to even my closest associates.”

Charlie Montgomery Bethesda, MD

So what are you waiting for? Contact Concrete Restoration Services today and get a free estimate on your next concrete repair project!

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