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Are you in need of commercial concrete roof waterproofing in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Silver Spring, Rockville or the surrounding areas?

While concrete is a strong, impact resistant material, after years of abuse and neglect, it may be in need of some help.  That is why the experts at Concrete Restoration are here to help with your commercial concrete roof waterproofing needs.

No matter how long it has been since the last time your building was waterproofed (if ever), we will use the industry leading sealers and coatings to make your concrete roof stand the crazy weather we are having.

Keep reading to learn more about our commercial concrete roof repair and how we can restore your roof back to its original state.

If you’re ready to speak with our waterproofing team and get a free estimate on concrete service costs, give us a call today at (301) 261-4933 or click below to contact us online.

Why You Need Concrete Waterproofing?

Although deteriorating concrete is a terrible situation, this is the ultimate response to years of neglect and poor maintenance. Water is concrete’s worst enemy. When it penetrates your concrete surface, it causes cracks due to expansion and contraction.  The easiestway to avoid the destruction of your facilities’ roof: waterproofing.

There are many different options for performing concrete roof waterproofing.  One area of expertise for Concrete Restoration Services is waterproofing membrane installation.  This type of system uses different sealant types, optimized for the environment of your structure.

Call us today, and our team would be happy to assess your facility and give you a quote. The last thing you want is a deteriorating concrete roof to collapse on your business.

Why You Need a Professional

If you are considering trying to waterproof your own roof with the individuals on your maintenance team, we highly recommend that you reconsider.

Although there are countless amateur videos out there about waterproofing, they don’t provide the years of knowledge about products and roofs necessary to waterproof a roof successfully. The expertise of a professional is irreplaceable, and the safety and stability of your concrete structure are paramount.

As an industry leader we can tell you from experience that you do not want to try concrete roof waterproofing yourself.  Years later your facility and your wallet will be paying for the few dollars you choose to save by not having professionals perform this task.

Call Concrete Restoration Today!

If you’re ready to speak with our waterproofing team, give us a call today at (301) 261-4933 or click here to fill out our online request form.

Concrete Restoration specializes in commercial concrete services. From installation of new floors to waterproofing concrete roofs, we are well versed in maintaining, cleaning, repairing and restoring concrete. If you’re worried about the strength of  your concrete roof and ready to make a change, give us a call today!

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