Why You Need a Powerful Concrete Urethane Coating
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Concrete Urethane Coating MarylandAre you interested in a high performance commercial concrete urethane coating in Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC or the neighboring areas?

Well known as urethane, the innovative sealant commonly used to protect concrete surfaces in actually made of polyurethane. Offering superior resilience and strength, urethane is one of the most technologically advanced yet affordable coatings available for commercial concrete.

Keep reading to learn more about commercial urethane concrete coatings and why this cost effective sealant can save you time and money on repairs in the long term.

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Why Choose Urethane for Concrete Surfaces?

When it comes to exemplary and long lasting performance, urethane is an industry leader for protecting and maintaining impeccable concrete surfaces. From preventing water penetration to protecting against UV damage, urethane is the most ideal sealant for preserving commercial exteriors.

The essential role of concrete coatings and floor finishes is to keep the function and appearance of your concrete intact, inhibiting water and other substances from reaching the surface. Water is an unavoidable element for most concrete structures and also the leading cause of concrete deterioration and damage. Prevent the inevitable with a premium urethane paint coating.

Performance Qualities You Can Depend On

What makes urethane such a powerful concrete solution? It delivers all the following industrial-strength benefits:

  • Increased Flexibility: Flexibility probably isn’t the first feature you seek in a concrete coating, but it actually increases the ability to absorb impact.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Ensure your concrete urethane coating stays intact with abrasion resistant qualities, preventing water and other elements from coming in contact with the concrete.
  • Chemical Resistance: Undesirable chemicals drip onto roads and parking lots every day, and you shouldn’t let those chemicals damage your concrete. Our urethane coatings are resistant to most dangerous and damaging substances.
  • UV Cured: Unlike epoxy coatings, urethane is UV resistant and will not discolor or warp while exposed over the years to sunrays.
  • Temperature Resilience: Temperature changes are among the leading causes of concrete cracking, and urethane protects the surface from these weather extremes.
  • Clear or Colored: Appearance is a critical element of your business, and urethane allows you to control the appearance of your concrete, too!
  • Anti-Slip Surfaces: Keep business patrons and employees safe with a coating that is slip resistant. This also prevents car tires from skidding during rainy and icy days.

Urethane can be used on ultimately any concrete surface, including the sidewalks, driveways and even parking garages for your business. Ensure the hard earned money spent to install those concrete surfaces doesn’t go to waste; concrete sealants and floor finishes lower your odds of deterioration and inevitable repair costs.

Urethane vs Epoxy Coatings

A common request from our commercial customers is “tell me the difference in urethane vs epoxy concrete coatings.”

Easy enough: urethane is your high-performance coating and epoxy is your all-purpose coating. For surfaces that endure significant wear and tear, opt for the proven resilience of urethane (especially for garage floor finishes!).

If you’ve already used an epoxy coating in the past, no worries! It is possible to combine both for maximum protection and function. Epoxy can be built up in multiple layers, enhancing concretes ability to resist water penetration. Then a UV resistant urethane can be applied overtop, boosting scratch, impact and discoloration resistant qualities.

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