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Garage Slab RepairIs your business in need of commercial garage slab repair in Baltimore, Maryland, DC, Arlington, Virginia or the neighboring areas?

Concrete garages are designed to support frequent traffic, also translating to regular wear on the garage floor. Eventually, this could leave your business with a cracked slab, corrosion or other concrete safety concerns.

Concrete Restoration specializes in commercial concrete repair, providing industry insight to the most effective repair methods. With over 30 years of experience, our proficient concrete slab repair will leave you with a smooth surface in no time!

Keep reading to learn more about the causes of commercial garage slab repair and learn how to prevent further damage.

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Causes of Concrete Garage Damage

Concrete is one of the most cost-effective materials for commercial garages, providing businesses with an affordable solution for meeting parking needs.

The problem arises with its inadaptable nature, preventing concrete from expanding and contracting with temperature changes. External forces such as de-icing salts and rust can speed up damage.

We commonly face three main causes of concrete deterioration:

  • Cracks: Known as thermal cracking concrete, most cracks are caused as concrete freezes and thaws in the winter months. The longer the crack is exposed, the more opportunity for water and debris to fall in and cause further damage.
  • Water Penetration: Through cracks and exposure, water becomes absorbed by concrete. When that water reaches the reinforcement, it will cause corrosion of the steel. Waterproofing your garage floor can prevent this problem all together.
  • Corrosion: Over time, concrete reinforcement can rust and corrode, expanding the physical volume of the steel. This puts more pressure on the surrounding concrete that eventually causes cracks.

Without identifying and correcting the source of the damage, your concrete slab is likely to crack again. Our expert team will assess the situation and seek the cause, allowing us to correct the root problem.

In cases of severe deterioration, it may be most reasonable to replace or resurface the specific slab in question. A new surface will restore the performance of your garage.

How to Prevent Further Damage

Concrete is not designed to adapt to major changes in the environment, so it is important to perform routine maintenance to ensure safety and functionality. Ensure that visitors, guests and clients have a safe environment to drive in.

Get in the habit of scheduling seasonal inspections for your garage, allowing an expert to identify any areas of weakness in the concrete. For example, inspections can reveal hairline cracks that appear to be minor but could lead to serious issues.

Repairing small damage as maintenance will prevent that crack from spreading to the vital infrastructure of the garage. Including regular maintenance in your budget can prevent unexpected emergency repair costs, especially pertinent for an old garage.

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