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Structural Repair Contractors WorksIf you find cracks in your building’s foundation, it’s highly recommended to hire a structural repair contractor. Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia and Baltimore are packed with modern buildings, all of which have one thing in common: they rest on a concrete foundation (or base).

Think about all the buildings in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Alexandria, Arlington, or Reston – all of which have concrete as their main structural component!

Keep reading to learn more about concrete foundation crack repair, and what we can do to help!

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Why Does Concrete Deteriorate?

Unfortunately, we cannot stop concrete structures from cracking. Ever since concrete was invented and used for the first time in the late 1700′s, it has been cracking and falling apart.

We take the deterioration of concrete as fact, and through research, we know the reasons for concrete cracking:

  • Shrinking due to the curing process
  • Shifts/movement of the foundation (soil in the ground – sometimes from heavy rainfall)
  • Dramatic changes in temperature (cold shrinks and heat expands, moving the concrete cracks it)
  • Overloaded weight

The truth is that concrete will crack when it is under pressure, or stressed beyond its load. When it happens in the foundation of a building, it’s important to quickly contact a structural repair contractor and get your property repaired.

What to Expect from a Contractor

When hiring a company to fix deteriorating concrete, there are some important factors to keep in mind:

1) Cost – some contractors will blurt out an estimate over the phone based on the number of square feet you need repaired, then when you get the bill, there are several charges they didn’t tell you about which can almost double the price they gave you over the phone!

Other things to consider, is what is being repaired. Concrete pier repair may cost different than concrete beam repair; just because they are made of the same material does not mean work on them will cost the same. Businesses must think about expenses like foundation repair cost on an annual basis, or risk their buildings crumbling and falling into disrepair.

2) Experience – there are companies out there that specialize in flat concrete flooring, and have little experience with other foundational and structural concrete components, such as concrete superstructure. Their subtle lack of experience can become devastating if the structural concrete repair is not performed properly (water damage, breaking content, collapsing buildings)!

3) Local – Obviously, the structural repair contractor needs to be local (so they can easily get to your parking garage, stadium, apartment complex, office building, warehouse, church, school, or shopping center).

If your building is in Maryland or Northern Virginia, especially Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Silver Spring, Arlington, Reston, or Alexandria, think of Concrete Restoration Services for your next foundational or structural repair or waterproofing project!

We meet and exceed all 3 of the criteria laid out in this article and much more. We have a very long list of satisfied clients, some of whom we have been working with ever since we opened our doors more almost 30 years ago.

“We maintain 3 office buildings and 2 parking garages in NoVA. Every year, we call Jim at Concrete Restoration Services to come out and take a look at all of our concrete. Luckily, thanks to the regular maintenance, we haven’t had any major problems! Thanks Jim!

Mark Surnak, Reston, VA

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