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The following page relates some basic information onunderground parking garage repair in Virginia, Arlington, Fairfax, & Alexandria; across Maryland & DC.

The following article details the ins and outs of restoring your parking garage.

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The Challenges of Underground Parking Garage Repair

Parking garages are an important part of American infrastructure; there are over 24,000 parking garages in the United States.

However, parking garages, especially underground, go through unique challenges to their concrete stability and restoration needs.

Particularly, the large load issues, de-icing salt usage, and the general pressure problems that come along with all underground structures, create problems unique to underground parking lots.

They need a full evaluation every couple of years to make sure the constant traffic as well as earth and ground pressures have not made the concrete cracked or otherwise unstable.

Without regular maintenance, any structure that experiences freeze-thaw conditions (like the Mid-Atlantic), regular de-icing salts, and constant ground and vehicle load pressures, can fail and crumble.

This is beyond simply expensive, it can be dangerous for all employees, clients, and the overall health of the building above.

Planning an Underground Parking Garage Repair Virginia

The first step should be a professional evaluation of your garage’s health.

Without a thorough assessment by an expert engineer, it is impossible to really tell what the overall integrity of the structure looks like.

However, even a cursory overlook by a lay person might reveal some major concerns.

If you see weed growth, cracking, excessive moisture, or dirt falling from the ceiling, it could be endemic of deeper problems.

Underground Parking Lot Renovation and Restoration

If your parking garage needs more than routine maintenance, we can offer services to both restore and renovate existing properties.

We can strengthen the concrete, and safely expand and enhance the facility so you can upgrade both the usability and the value of your property.

Why is Concrete Restoration Services, Inc right for you?

For underground parking garage repairs and other concrete repairs; throughout the Maryland, Washington D.C., or Virginia metro areas, Concrete Restoration Services, Inc., offers the highest quality commercial and industrial services at the lowest competitive pricing.

We have well over 30 years of experience cleaning, repairing and maintaining concrete and have built our entire reputation on skilled, reasonably priced, and professional services.

“My family owns a number of large office buildings and associated properties. We thought everything was in working order, but we called Concrete Restoration for routine maintenance anyway. They found cracks in our underground parking garage. Repairs went smoothly and efficiently, we are glad we were saved what could have been a huge expense.”

–Virginia Barrett

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