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What is a Block Foundation?

Modern buildings, especially those that do not have basements, tend to be built on block foundations.

These foundations are large, single slabs of concrete that are often reinforced with long metal strips and coated in a block foundation waterproofing compound .

Even buildings that have basements can have a block foundation located below the basement, especially if the house is built on a hill.

Why Is Block Foundation Repair So Common?

Rising water levels, floods or shifts of the earth can cause a concrete foundation to crack, despite concrete’s reliability and strength.

Especially if the foundation was poured using INFERIOR concrete or poor construction methods.

Cracked block foundations not only allow water to seep into the basement or under the floorboards, they may cease to hold up the structure securely.

Causing it to lean to one side or even collapse entirely.

Is Block Foundation Repair Expensive?

Block foundation repair varies in price depending on the condition and type of foundation and repair, but it is ESSENTIAL!

Failure to repair and maintain a block foundation may result in the destruction of the structure entirely, or at the very least severe and expensive damage.

Any commercial concrete contractor hired to conduct block repair should be chosen for their thoroughness and reliability first, and cost second.

What Does Block Foundation Repair Involve?

Block foundation repair generally consists of cutting out the broken or cracked portions using a cement saw, and then replacing them with new concrete.

Care must be taken to ensure that the concrete is poured properly and has the necessary water-repelling properties.

Care must also be taken in propping up the house if the cracked foundation is in a structurally vital area.

Problems With Foundation Repair

It may even be necessary to vacate the structure for a short period of time while the cracked concrete is removed and replaced.

This may be the first of MANY extensive repairs…

Since a ruined foundation is usually a sign that the contractors who built the building did not take care or use high-quality materials.

The careful replacement of concrete block foundations is rare, and people who are buying a building or structure should have the foundation inspected BEFORE purchase.

Block foundation repair is something that should only be done ONCE, and it should be done very well.

Therefore, selecting a block foundation repair specialist with proven skill is essential.

Fortunately, the frequency of such repair in Maryland means that any major area, especially near Baltimore, DC, Silver Spring, or Rockville has a large number of contractors to get the job done.

But, Only A Few Contractors Do It Right…

Even though there are many concrete repair contractors across the area, Concrete Restoration Inc. is one of the few who does it right the FIRST time!

Our company has been serving the commercial concrete repair needs of the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas for almost 30 years.

We handle all industrial and commercial concrete repair jobs, large and small.

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I would heartily recommend Concrete Restoration Services to any of my friends or colleagues.

Richard Wilhelm Gaithersburg, MD

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