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Concrete Balcony RepairIs your business in need of commercial concrete balcony repair in Maryland, Virginia, DC or the neighboring areas?

Concrete balcony design offers a unique appeal for any business, including offering outdoor access for hotel rooms, apartment buildings and even restaurants. When the concrete supporting these balconies is damaged and compromised, it is vital to restore the material for safety and visual appeal.

Keep reading to learn more about the cause of your buildings concrete damage, understand the repair process, and discover what you can do to prevent future deterioration.

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What Causes Concrete Balcony Deterioration

Concrete balcony deterioration has become a frequent issue, typically tracing back to improper installation, design or maintenance. The most common balcony construction causes are:

  • Thin Concrete: Balconies are reinforced with steel and then coated in concrete; however, it’s possible the steel wasn’t covered in a thick enough layer. Being too close to the surface, moisture reaches the steel and initiates rusting and concrete deterioration.
  • Unsupported Railings: Safety railings are a significant source of concrete deterioration when inadequately installed. Corrosion occurs when railing supports are too placed to closely to steel reinforcements, forcing cracks from excess pressure on the concrete.
  • Standard Deterioration: Either by age or poor installation, concrete can experience typical deterioration. Over time, exterior concrete is exposed to rain and other water sources. This moisture penetrates concrete, causing the corrosion described above. Poor installation will substantially accelerate the deterioration process.

In some cases, you’ll notice icicle-like structures forming on the bottom portion of concrete balconies. This occurs when concrete cracks and the interior materials mix with water. The blend drips from the base of the balcony and forms stalactites.

When the damage is caught early in the process, the concrete can likely be salvaged with balcony repairs. By stripping the deteriorated material, we properly rebuild the foundation and restore the functionality, safety and appearance of the balcony!

If you’re interested, click here to learn more about the causes of concrete deterioration.

Performing Concrete Balcony Repairs

In order to safely restore your concrete’s surface and appearance, our contractors strategically source the root cause of damage. This means our expert team is digging into the foundation of the balcony. Our thorough repair process follows these steps:

  1. Concrete Balcony RepairRemoval of Deteriorated Concrete
  2. Uncovering Corroded Steel & Joints
  3. Replacing Fully Corroded Steel
  4. Preparing Steel for Resurfacing
  5. Patching or Resurfacing Concrete

Depending on the extent of your balcony damage, our team may not need to complete each of these steps. In the most extreme cases, the entire concrete balcony may need to be replaced in order to ensure safe steel infrastructure.

Prevent Future Concrete Deterioration

Damaged concrete can detract from your business, potentially imposing safety risks and preventing access to areas of the property until the concrete is restored. Don’t allow deterioration to affect your daily activities, and protect your concrete surfaces from additional or more severe damage.

Concrete balcony waterproofing is highly recommended for all of our commercial balcony repair customers. Buildings with concrete balconies typically have dozens, if not hundreds, of individual balconies. If damage is surfacing on at least one, chances are it’s only a matter of time before the same issue appears on all of them.

Water is the number one cause of concrete deterioration, whether it leads to cracking, rusting or other corrosion. Waterproofing the concrete surface will prevent moisture from penetrating the surface, effectively reducing the risk of cracks, rust and corrosion with one process!

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