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Do you need concrete floor refinishing in Maryland, DC, or Virginia near Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Silver Spring, or Alexandria?

Maintaining the structural integrity and overall safety of your building while keeping your facility looking new is something that often takes priority, and you can do just that with a concrete repair survice that will refinish you floor and put new life into it.

Keep reading this page to learn more about concrete floor refinishing in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area and see just what having a strong concrete surface can do for your commercial or industrial structure.

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Why the Right Concrete Floor Finishes Matter

Concrete is commonly known to be one of the most durable and long lasting building materials used today. Like with anything else however, time will take its toll and cause your concrete surfaces to develop problems like cracks and other flaws.

A small crack is dangerous for several reasons, with one of most obvious dangers being that even a tiny crack has the tendency to spread and become enlarged.

Beyond that, neglecting to address a crack can even result in a chunk of concrete floor becoming displaced from the floor which can cause a person to trip and injure themselves.

If the progression of the crack reaches the walls, then that can compromise the building’s structural integrity and increase the chance that the structure will eventually collapse .

As someone who owns or manages commercial property, it’s easy to see how these could be issues of liability. The dangers of damaged concrete surfaces throughout your property often go beyond that, however.

A more subtle consequence of minor cracks is compromised air quality. Water and moisture that becomes trapped in cracks provides a great breeding ground for bacteria.

Another danger associated with flaws in concrete flooring (and concrete patches) is the susceptibility to radon gas leakage.

When you first notice signs of deterioration in your concrete, things like cracks and chips, acting as soon as possible to get the problem fixed will increase the chances that the building will remain safe. With a concrete floor refinishing, you can make sure those issues are taken care of so that it isn’t something you need to worry about catching you off guard in the future.

Trust the Experts for Quality Concrete Repair

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Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. has offered superior structural concrete floor repair, resurfacing, general maintenance, and restoration throughout the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas (including , Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Silver Spring, Annapolis, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Bethesda and Alexandria) for over 28 years!

Our experience is reinforced with all the credentials of a premier concrete contractor. We are licensed, bonded and insured, so you can be one-hundred percent positive that your property will get exactly what it needs when it comes to concrete floor refinishing, no matter what that might be.

It is our commitment to provide quality work and craftsmanship, while remaining compliant with construction codes, regulations, and safety requirements at a refinishing cost that is fair to you, so get in touch with us today and have your property restored before you know it.

“I called Restoration Services, Inc. to come out and resurface our concrete.

Not only was the price fair, but our floor looks brand new.

I could not have asked for a more professional service”

Marty Rosenfeld
Silver Spring, MD

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