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Concrete Floor RepairIs your commercial or industrial building in need of concrete floor repair in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia?

All concrete floors will require concrete floor repair at some point. While concrete is incredibly strong, it still cracks overtime from everyday pressure. Without repairs, not only will the floor aesthetics suffer, its actual structure will weaken as well.

Keep reading to learn how to determine if you need concrete floor repairs, and why hiring a professional concrete contractor now can save you money in the future.

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Assessing the Damage of Your Concrete Floor

How do you know whether your business’ concrete flooring needs repair? Unfortunately, most businesses ignore routine concrete maintenance and avoid inspections until it’s too late.

Generally, if you are noticing cracks or chunks of concrete missing on your floor, it’s a good idea to set up an appointment with a professional concrete contractor to come out and take a look.

How important is it? Any time there’s a crack in the joint between the wall and the floor, you can actually run the risk of your building collapsing.

Cracks in Your Concrete Floor Can Have Dire Consequences

Concrete Floor RestorationIn addition to weakening the structure of your building, cracks in your concrete floor can have more consequences than you might think.

Water can seep into the cracks, which can lead to a number of problems. It can cause expansion and further cracking, weakening the structural integrity of your building. Additionally, moisture trapped between the cracks can breed dangerous bacteria that can affect your employees’ health.

Deep cracks make your building more susceptible to a dangerous radon gas leakage. Even worse, a crack can lead to more cracks, and holes, and deeper structural weakness. Once concrete has been weakened, it becomes even easier to damage.

It’s essential to get your concrete repaired at the first sign of serious damage, if you want to avoid the potential financial, health, and structural costs associated with further damage.

Why Concrete Floor Maintenance Is a Must

Concrete Floor ContractorsFortunately there are plenty of solutions available to improve the quality of your concrete, even if it’s already damaged.

Whether you need concrete floor repair, restoration, maintenance, structural reinforcement, or waterproofing, a professional can analyze your unique circumstance and decide what the proper course of action.

Routine maintenance and inspection of your concrete floors is the only way to prevent unexpected disasters. Owners of stadiums, warehouses, stores, sidewalks, office buildings, and other structures that have concrete need to be aware of the current state of their concrete.

If you run a parking garage or any concrete area that holds heavy loads, you should be especially aware of the status of your concrete because of the high pressure and stress the concrete must withstand. A simple concrete caulking or resurface now, will cost far less than major structural repairs in the future.

So at the first sign of trouble, look to a professional service for concrete floor repair. And while you’re at it, use this opportunity to ask about improving the look of your floor with a concrete epoxy floor coating. Click here to learn more about concrete floor coating.

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