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In need of parking garage repair Northern Virginia, Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria?

This article highlights some important information you should know about parking garage repair.

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Parking Garages Require Regular Maintenance

However, parking garages need special attention because they are subject to considerably more stress —

Namely constant vehicular traffic and greater exposure to temperature changes and harsh weather.

During the winter in Northern Virginia, parking garages are exposed to salt and ice, both of which can wear away concrete.

When salt and water get into cracks in the concrete, they can cause considerable damage.

In order to protect structural integrity and ensure a long life for your parking garage, it is critical to inspect your structure frequently and keep up with maintenance.

Regular parking garage repairs Northern Virginia will also save countless dollars and headaches in the long run by preventing serious issues from becoming much worse.

Is It Time For Resurfacing?

Due to stress from vehicles and exposure to the elements, parking garages can easily develop cracks and potholes in concrete surfaces, and will eventually need resurfacing


Once repairs are completed, concrete surfaces should be waterproofed to add an additional layer of protection.

Even new garages can benefit from a good waterproof coating to reduce the amount of water and salt that can seep into the concrete and cause problems.

Waterproofing is an excellent long-term investment and can greatly reduce the amount of time and money you would otherwise need to invest repairing damaged concrete.

Repair Concrete Before It’s Too Late

If left unattended, cracks in concrete can quickly become a serious problem.

It is important not only to seal cracks as quickly as possible, but to check seals often to make sure they have not reappeared or worsened.

Scheduling regular inspections, maintenance and repairs to your concrete parking garage will not onlyhelp minimize deterioration

It will ensure the structure’s condition stays in good shape, ultimately helping offset the need forexpensive restoration projects.

Restoration To The Rescue

If your parking garage is in need of serious restoration, you should consider a full-scale restoration program.

Basic restoration includes repairing potholes on floors, ceilings and walls, sealing any exposed joints and cracks and applying or restoring protective waterproofing layers.

More involved structural repairs include filling large areas of damaged concrete, repair orreplacement of sections of rebarsandblasting surfaces and reapplying protective coatings.

Ready To Rock?

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