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Watch Out! Commercial property managers that are looking for concrete surface repair in Maryland, DC, and Virginia need to read this article!

Continue reading this article and you will find everything you need to know about repairing your commercial concrete surface.

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Why Should I Have A Professional Repair My Concrete Surface?

Don’t let another moment slip by before providing the maintenance their concrete surface so desperately needs!

Calling a contractor for concrete surface and crack repair now, can offset exorbitant long-term costs.

Commercial properties in Maryland areas, such as Rockville, Potomac, and Silver Spring, have many high-level and affordable options available to them.

These are difficult economic times, and many property managers are working within the restrictions of a tightening budget.

They procrastinate due to this need to save moneycoupled with their underestimation of the long-term ramifications of “inconsequential” cracks.

What are the Risks?

The first crack is often a warning sign.

A concrete’s environment changes over time, and unmaintained concrete is susceptible to those changes.

A crack may simply be a crack. It might also be a reaction to changes to area water drainage, underground foliage growth, or an increase in pressure beneath the slab.

Even if the crack is simply due to natural wear and tear, you still require maintenance and concrete surface repair.

Maryland business can offset the high costs of replacement tomorrow with the small costs of repair today.

Is Professional Concrete Surface Repair Worth It?

This is a valid question.

Many property managers are skilled repair people, and they may see DIY patching as a viable and cost-effective alternative.

The main area of concern here is the damage to the concrete is an indication of a greater problem.

Since the property manager does not likely have the skills necessary to make that assessment, it will save money in the end to leverage the skills and experience of a professional.

The Concrete Surface Repair Process

Project managers should stay on the same page with their concrete contractors.

Below is a standard process that specialist use:

  • The repairers will inspect and trim all foliage in the area of the concrete.
  • The repairers will inspect and appraise the drainage of the concrete slab.
  • If either of these inspections indicates a larger problem, there may be additional work.
  • The repairers will clean the entire concrete surface.
  • The repairers will then resurface the concrete slab.

Call for professional surface repair today.

Maryland commercial propertiesshould not delay this critical decision another moment.

Who Should I Turn To For Concrete Surface Repair?

If you are in the Maryland, Washington D.C., or Virginia area, Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. can provide you with outstanding floor cleaning service.

We have over 30 years experience cleaning, repairing and maintaining concrete!

Here at Concrete Restoration we have the reputation for excellent customer service and quality work.

Our team of friendly staff is highly qualified to assist you with your next project.

“I used Concrete Restoration for my other concrete repairs and saw they cleaned floors. I had them remove stains from my warehouse floor. Turned out GREAT! Definitely would use them again!”

Call today at 301-261-4933 for more information or a free estimate on your next industrial floor cleaning project.

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