Top Four Signs Your Business Needs Concrete Expansion Joint Repair in Maryland

Seeing large cracks in your concrete? Stop waiting and get the concrete expansion joint repair you need before it’s too late!  People often wait too long and then are forced to replace their concrete instead of repairing it.

Don’t waste the money you’ve invested in your company by stopping here! Keep reading to learn if your business is in need of concrete expansion joint repair and protect that investment.

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What Exactly is a Concrete Expansion Joint?

A concrete expansion joint or concrete control joint is put in the concrete during the pouring process. Control joints are installed in a specific area so that when expanding or shrinking happens, the crack will occur in this designated area.

In larger structures such as bridges or parking garages, there can even be a small gap installed with the expansion joint.  This allows the structure to accommodate to shifts in weight or severe weather without causing a catastrophe. Control joints are important and that is why concrete expansion joint repair is critical to any structure!

Concrete Expansion Joint Repair - Concrete Restoration

Expansion joints are a very valuable and safety-enhancing addition to your concrete structure, especially in places where earthquakes are prevalent. When the earth moves, concrete must be able to adjust or sustain that movement. We use concrete in every major building and bridge, emphasizing the importance to protect your buildings’ structural integrity.

Yes, I know we live in Maryland. But earthquakes aren’t the only cause of joint cracking. What causes cracks in concrete?  Simple: water.  With any Maryland winter comes freezing and thawing, and concrete takes a beating. Without expansion joints, many of our business buildings, bridges, parking garages, and walkways would have crumbled completely.

Four Signs that Your Business Needs Expansion Joint Repair

For the safety of your business and to catch damage in early stages, it’s important for any business owner to be aware of the signs of expansion joint damage or weakness. Here are the top five signs that it’s time for your business to call a concrete repair contractor.

1. Your Concrete Expansion Joints have Grass Growing

If your joints already have grass growing out of them, you are truly ready for repair.  Not only has it clearly been some time since your concrete has been given attention, it’s only going to get worse.  The grass will continue to grow and separate the concrete, eventually causing a large separation and compromising the structure.

2. Large Bumps are Developing at a Expansion Joint

When you can see that your structure has begun to push up or heave, it is time to get some professional help.  If you catch this issue early enough, the joint repair should simply involve a sealer.  Without taking action, it is only a matter of time before you will need cracked concrete repair.

3. Corners have Starting to Chip or Crack

This stage follows the above stage, discussing heaving in your expansion joints.  If you were unable to identify the early stages of damage, your concrete will continue to deteriorate.  When you see surface chipping and cracking, you may actually need to look into cold patching or replacing the concrete joints instead of actually repairing them.

4. That Little Expansion Joint has become a Large Gap

Often times this occurs in the very early stages of a newly poured structure. When too much water has been used in the mixing of the concrete, it will settle with a much larger gap that intended.  What happens if this develops later in the life cycle of a concrete expansion joint?  Simple, the structure has shifted and you should consult with a concrete expert about whether the structural integrity has been compromised.

Why You Need Professional Help!

As a commercial concrete repair company, we know concrete repair isn’t just about sealing expansion joints. You need to know what you’re doing, and working with anything less than a professional contractor can put yourself and your business at risk.

Joint Repair - Concrete Restoration

Every case is different, and depends on the elements that structure is exposed to and the material used to create the base layer, but only an expert can diagnose and repair with accuracy.  With the amount of money you invest in concrete structures, they need to be taken care of properly and professionally.

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