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If you are looking professional soffit repair in the Maryland, DC, & Northern Virginia area (Arlington Fairfax, Alexandria), Concrete Restoration Services, Inc. is your source for high quality, affordably priced, concrete building, repair, and restoration services.

Whether you need industrial concrete flooring or our wide array of other concrete services like Concrete Wall RepairConcrete ResurfacingConcrete Joint Repair,Block Foundation RepairConcrete Step Repair, orUnderground Parking Garage Repair; for over 30 years we have been the Washington DC metro area’s leader inConcrete Protection and Concrete Maintenanceservices.

If you need concrete soffit repair services in or around Northern Virginia, Maryland, & DC, call 301-261-4933 or click here to contact us today!

What Is A Soffit?

Technically, a soffit is the underside of any structure. It generally refers to the overhangs of roofs, the underside of staircases, and the underside of arches.

In the concrete business, making sure your soffits are strong is essential to avoid dangerous accidents.

Soffit repair in Maryland and VA will include an assessment of the overlying structures, ensuring that your structure is maintaining the integrity needed to keep you, your employees, and your customers free from danger.

The Dangers Of Cracked Concrete Soffits

When the underside of a structure starts to deteriorate, the whole thing is in in danger of cracked, breaking, and collapse.

What appears to simply be a couple of minor cracks or spots of weakness, could in fact be the result of deeper structural issues.

Why is Concrete Restoration Services, Inc right for you?

If you are in need of concrete soffit repair in Maryland or VA – throughout D.C., Arlington, and Fairfax,Concrete Restoration Services, Inc., offers the highest quality commercial and industrial services at the lowest competitive pricing.

We have well over 30 years of experience cleaning, repairing and maintaining concrete and have built our entire reputation on skilled, reasonably priced, and professional services.

“Our concrete garages looked good to me, but one of my guys noticed some small cracks.

We had Concrete Restoration come check it out, and apparently there was instability under the surface from where water seeped in.

If they weren’t as thorough I could have had a floor collapse.

They fixed it for us, and now my garages get regular maintenance for Concrete.”

-Tony Connelly

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