Concrete Sealer: Get a Longer-Lasting Surface
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Applying concrete sealer in Maryland and DC is a simple way to get the most out of your concrete surfaces.

If you want to know more about the advantages of sealing your concrete surface and how Concrete Restoration Services can help you, then continue reading this page.

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What Is a Concrete Sealer in Maryland/DC?

A concrete sealer is a compound that is applied to your concrete surface to protect it from the elements.

The sealer forms a barrier on top of the concrete, waterproofing the material to reduce the risk of water damage, stains, and other issues.

Sealers can also make your concrete look better, adding color and a glossy or matte finish that makes your surface look brand new.

Applying sealer to your concrete surface is an excellent way to increase its attractiveness now and avoid maintenance in the future.

Do I Need It?

A Maryland concrete sealer does a lot more than make your concrete look as fresh as the day it was poured.

Concrete will crack, chip, and wear down as time goes on, but using a sealer can make sure that your surface stays as preserved as possible.

A sealer will protect you from:

    • Water Damage


  • Stains
    • De-icing Materials


  • Plant Growth

Aside from waterproofing the concrete and stopping staining, adding sealer to your surface will discourage moss, mold, and plant growth that can damage your surface.

Additionally, deicer materials used in the winter can significantly accelerate deterioration and a sealer will help prevent this from happening.

All businesses in the MD/DC/VA area are subject to the four seasons and have to withstand all the elements of nature, so having your surface waterproofed is an easy decision.

Applying a concrete sealer is a fast and affordable option for preserving your surface.

What is the Process?

Here is a simple look at the process in case you want to seal your own surface:

  1. The surface first needs to be cleaned
  2. Cracks or chips need to be repaired
  3. Porosity needs to be tested (If the surface won’t accept the sealant, the pores of the concrete need to be opened up)
  4. Get an applicator and apply thin coats of a sealer that will work best with your surface.

Repairing your own surface can end up being more expensive than using a professional.

It will take you significantly more time if you haven’t done it before, and you run the risk of applying the wrong kind of sealer.

Spare Yourself a Repair with a Professional

If you want to be sure that your concrete foundation will last for a long time, you need reliable advice and professional service from start to finish.

Since 1981, the expert team here at Concrete Restoration Services has helped people in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas inspect, maintain, and replace concrete for optimal performance and cost effectiveness.

Our services include:

…and much more!

We have also served commercial and industrial properties by providing affordable solutions for places like stadiumshigh rises and parking garages.

Let Concrete Restoration help YOU.

If you need concrete services in Lutherville, Owings Mills, Baltimore, and Towson or the surrounding Maryland area, contact Concrete Restoration Services at 301-261-4933 or submit your information online.


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